I believe in the inherent power of each individual to heal and grow, and I see myself as a catalyst and companion along that journey. Affirming the individual's personal resources and providing tools and support, I work collaboratively with individuals, couples and families, as they move through life's transitions.


Throughout our lives we all experience times when we feel alone and stuck. Working with an experienced caring professional who will actively listen and understand in a safe, private setting can help us achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction in ourselves and in our relationships. This often involves examining belief systems and releasing outdated or unconscious beliefs and habits.   
My approach to therapy is warm and collaborative. I believe growth comes from enhancing our understanding of ourselves and learning to make choices that can lead us to greater freedom and lasting positive change. Removing symptoms, changing self-defeating patterns, improving self-esteem, working with our strengths, and developing healthy relationships are each a part of this meaningful process.

“Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.”
— - Jawaharal Nehru

The Goal

I view the counseling process to be a relational experience. We will spend time exploring specific problems that have brought you into the counseling office and the nature of the relationships with the people who are most significant to you.  I focus on both your problems and your styles of relating because I believe that the complexity and intensity of your problems are rooted in relational issues.  Our work will be done primarily through conversation, mindfulness techniques, and EMDR. Counseling involves interactions that may be very emotionally painful for you, in order for you to come to a place of healing. In therapy, I utilize a variety of modalities depending on your symptoms and goals. Your treatment might include a combination of Cognitive-behavior therapy, Contemporary Psychodynamic therapy, EMDR (information reprocessing), and Postmodern approaches. What this means is that I may collaborate with you on ways we may enhance and extend the therapy throughout your week by reading, journaling, or utilizing new skills. Certain problems have a physical component and in such cases, medical consultation will be necessary. With adolescents and children I may incorporate games, art therapy, physical activity, or stories.

People who get the most out of therapy -

  • Appreciate and practice the skills they acquire

  • Value growth and healing in themselves and relationships

  • Understand that therapeutic growth is a wise investment in themselves

  • View their therapist as a trusted coach and facilitator of change

 Individuals find a supportive environment in which to explore patterns in their lives that may be interfering with their personal happiness or relationship success. Together we work to heal the wounds of the past and move in the direction of more life-affirming choices.